A template example for the group description of a facebook group

Increase Signups With This Facebook Group Description Template

It can be hard to find a good example of a group description template.

So we decided to share one that makes people join your group, like CRAZY.

This template is also particularly good at qualifying, which means bringing the right kinds of people into your group.

Lastly, when it comes back to how to get people to join your facebook group, the group description is a great way to rank your group in facebook’s related groups and group search areas.

Our #1 Group Description Template

Group Description Headline –

Use 1 or 2 group keywords here.

This helps you improve your group’s facebook rankings for the topics that you deal with…

Even if that’s not important to your group, it helps you convey right away what your group is actually about.

Mission Statement –

The mission statement helps your group and prospective group members understand what your intention is at its essence.

Is your goal simply to teach? Is it to discuss? You should let people know!

This helps you attract the right people to your group while keeping confusion to a minimum.

What To Expect –

This section is all about expanding on your initial headline.

What is it about those 1 or 2 keywords that you deal with?

What can people expect and what can they do?

Call To Action –

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple call-to-action in your group description.

They will make people act in the here and now, and that’s exactly what you want if you’re trying to boost your group’s growth.

It doesn’t just have to be a CTA (Call To Action) to join the group…

It can be anything at all.

Good examples:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Visit our website – https://grouphacker.com/
  • Join our mailing list, etc.

Extras –

The extras section is something we use for telling people who the admins and mods are.

It’s also useful to reiterate the rules you set out, the disclaimers and so on.

We’ve found it generally better to put this at the bottom in a clear and separate section.

Group Description Tips


The number one most important thing you can do when writing a top description template is format nicely.

Our above template works well because things are formatted nicely.

There is plenty of space between sections, and it makes use of emoticons that are relevant to the type of group it is ✅.

You can check out this list of facebook emoticons for copy/paste ease.

For making group description text bold you need to use a special text generator like this one.

Understanding Visibility

Your group description is most likely going to be visible to both your group and prospective members of the group.

This means you need to create a template that serves multiple purposes at once.

Our above template does just that by keeping things simple so that it is inclusive of anyone looking to get a brief overview of the group.

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