Good facebook group rules examples

Writing Great Facebook Group Rules (with Examples)

Using rules is an absolutely essential aspect of running a successful Facebook group.

Rules help you and your moderators set the expectations and maintain certain standards of behavior in your community.

The codes of conduct used in your group build the very culture of the group, so it’s important to take them seriously.

Currently, Facebook currently provides a total of four optional default rules to choose from. While these are great, they are very general and generic. It’s often beneficial to add to those or use something more custom.

Rule Limits

One of the absolute basics you need to know is that your group can have a total of 10 rules (as of the time of writing).

It’s rare you’ll want to use them all though… In general, I have found the best groups have 3-6 rules in total.

The Group Rule Title is limited to 50 Characters.

The Group Rule Description is limited to 200 Characters.

Characteristics Of Great Rules

When it comes to setting down the rules of conduct there are two characteristics that all of the best rules seem to follow –

Concise – Great rules are concise and to the point.

Simple – Great rules are simple to understand.

BONUS: It sometimes helps to state the consequences of breaking certain rules.

So with that being said, let’s look at some examples.

Facebook Group Rule Examples [TEMPLATES]

You don’t have to use all or any of these examples, but feel free to use them for inspiration (or use directly).


These can be useful for telling people what IS allowed. As well as encouraging engagement.

DO – Ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question!

DO – Share. Got a relevant tip? Share it!

DO – Introduce yourself. Let us welcome you to the group!

DO – Be nice 🙂 Let’s treat everyone with respect.


These are the rules you will most often encounter, as well as want to use primarily. This helps set down what ISN’T allowed.

Negativity – We respect that not everything is always sunshine and daisies, but negativity is not constructive, please keep negativity to a minimum.

Bullying / Harassing – We have a ZERO tolerance policy to bullying, trolling and harassing of ANY kind. Breaking this rule may result in immediate removal from the group.

Don’t Be A Douche – Constructive criticism welcome. Personal attacks? Don’t be a douche. Breaking this rule may result in immediate removal from the group.

Politics & Religion – We’re a group that deals with *INSERT TOPIC* discussions about politics and religion are strictly disallowed.

Self-Promo & Spam – If it does not relate to *INSERT TOPIC* or provide value to the community it will not be allowed, and you may be removed from the group.

Respect Privacy – Respecting the privacy of the group and its members is essential. Mutual trust is required to keep this group great. What’s in the group stays in the group.