how to grow your facebook group article

How To Get People To Join Your Facebook Group

So you’ve created a group, and now you want to get some members.

How do you do it? What’s the best method?

In this article, we’ll explore some easy ways to get people to join your group.


The main way that I grew my first group was through blogging, and it didn’t cost me a dime!

All I did was sign up for an account on Medium, a free blogging platform. I then started writing articles and shared them on other groups.

Between this, the free readers from Medium and some additional shares my articles got this helped me hit 2,000 members in under 3 months.

I think this is one of the most solid methods for growing facebook groups generally, but this will vary depending on your niche!

There is also guest posting, which I have also found to be very effective and if you can get guest posts on high traffic sites these tend to bring a constant supply of new members.

Social Media

It goes without saying that a really easy way to drum up some interest for your group is to share it on your social media platforms.

A lot of people will purposely grow their social media following and friends lists on Facebook so they can regularly post links to their group for those who haven’t seen it.

I don’t think that spamming people is the best idea, but posting a link once every few months isn’t a bad thing to do!


This is where networking comes in useful, if you have friends in your niche then one of the most powerful ways to grow your group is to get shoutouts.

It’s essentially word of mouth, which as you know is POWERFUL.

If you can get a shoutout from an influencer then that’s even better.

Aside: I personally prefer not to negotiate paid shoutouts, but it does happen.

Group Cross-Promotion

In my rules for building successful facebook groups article I talked about the importance of why you should “niche down”.

One reason is because it allows you to easily post links to your group in larger, broader groups.

You can bet in these broad groups that there will be people with a specific interest in a specialist subject, and that’s where you come in!


This is for people with a decent following already, but if you either start your own podcast or appear on other peoples it can really maximize your visibility.

If you monetize your group you can also allocate some of your budget for podcast sponsorship which is often very effective.

Email Marketing

Have an email list? Send out an announcement.

Or maybe you can sponsor a newsletter.

Or negotiate a shoutout on someone else’s list, etc.

Facebook Pages

You can start your own page and run some facebook ads to it to generate likes.

You can then start engaging people on your page, and every so often use a CTA to join your group.

This is a method people don’t use often at all.

Additionally, much like with some of the other methods in this post you can borrow the audience of someone else by either posting on their page, getting a shoutout or sponsoring a post, etc.


Again, a much later stage option is running a competition and using existing members entries to amplify the visibility.

Using a tool such as KingSumo or Rafflecopter allows people to enter multiple times by performing certain actions, one of which would be joining your group.

Group Discovery

You need to make sure that your group has accurate group description and group name so that it will be suggested in other related groups.

It can also be discovered in the knowledge graph on Facebook itself when people are searching for a group about your subject or topic.

Once you do this it’s a good idea to set some example group rules to make sure that when people ask to join that they know your group is moderated and of the mind to maintain a certain quality.