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Facebook Group Admin Vs Moderator – Differences Explained

Wondering what’s the difference between an admin and a moderator?

In this knowledge base article, we’ll discuss the differences.

Our thoughts

It’s our opinion that unless it’s someone you completely trust, then you shouldn’t make someone an administrator.

When you make someone an admin of a group you essentially make them a part-owner of that group.

Therefore it’s often better to assign moderators and not more admins.

For most maintenance activities that you’d want someone doing the moderator role has more than enough privileges for this…

Administrator vs Moderator Privileges

Make another member an admin or moderator
Remove an admin or moderator
Manage group settings (ex: change the group name, cover photo or privacy settings)
Approve or deny membership requests
Approve or deny posts in the group
Remove posts and comments on posts
Remove and block people from the group
Pin or unpin a post