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How To Manage Facebook Group Notifications

If you are wondering about Facebook group notifications then this guide is for you.

Learn how to manage your notifications for groups, as well as how to instruct members of your own group on how to adjust what they see.

How do I choose what I’m notified about in a Facebook group?

To choose what you’re notified about in a group:

Step 1: Go to your Group

Step 2: Select Notifications below the cover photo.

You now have the following options;

  • All Posts: You’ll get notifications any time members post in the group.
  • Highlights: You’ll get notifications for suggested posts and posts from your friends.
  • Friends’ Posts: You’ll get notifications whenever your friends post.
  • Off: You won’t get notifications when members post.

How do I get members to change their notifications settings in my group?

It is important to note that by default when someone joins your group, or when you join another group that the initial setting is Highlights.

This means that you should be encouraging members to change their settings and select All Posts.

We recommend either sending them this post, creating a quick video or creating a screenshot with a quick step-by-step explainer in the post beneath showing them how to do it!

Not all of your members will opt to do this, but doing it once every 1-2 months can be a good idea.